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Once you did fall asleep Eddie, noticed and just held you tighter. Right before he went to bed he made sure the song was playing and gave you goodnight kiss on your forehead. eddie munson x reader eddie munson.

Stranger Things Imagines - Eleven x fem!reader (requested) - Wattpad Stranger Things Imagines by myladydoor YOU ARE READING Stranger Things Imagines Fanfiction Imagines about Stranger things characters. Features season 1,2 and any others to come. I'll do gif imagines, and maybe take requests.

(Stranger Things) Steve Harrington x Male Reader. EP 6; SEASON 3. Summary: Steve, Robin and Reader are caught by the Russians and used for interrogation UNEDITED. Warning: I will place a warning on every Green Feels part just so we can all get this clear.Everything that happens in the story is not 100% cannon since we're adding a character that doesn't originally belong there.

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Yandere Stranger Things x Reader (one shots) stranger_jackie1234567. 2. Note: It's okay to read/think about it however: Yandere relationships are NOT healthy. ... {fem!yandere x male reader } {AU} {Anthology} Update on 12/6/18: Clock Strikes At Midnight (Part I) (Yandere!Nemuri x Reader >) Update on 12/6/18: Clock Strikes At Midnight (The. Last Day - 35% Off Tees. Stranger Things Logo Speckle Girls T-Shirt. $24.90 - $28.90. Stranger Things Logo Circle Dye Hoodie. $49.90 - $51.90. Stranger Things Dustin Thinking Cap Cosplay Trucker Hat. $22.90. Funko Stranger Things Pop! Television Dustin Vinyl Figure Hot Topic Exclusive. Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds: The First Official Stranger Things Novel: 9781984819604 ... NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • If you think you know the truth behind Eleven's ... While the television show focuses on the 80's and the Reagan era, "Suspicious Minds" takes the reader back to the late 60's/early 70's Nixon and Vietnam.

After being whisked from the cold Hawkins Lab and into the Upside Down, (f/n) (l/n) (dubbed Ten) is left to fend for themselves along with Will Byers, the boy who mysteriously vanished in the night. Together they stick it out for as long as they’re.

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